Part II of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is entitled “The Sieve and the Sand”. The metaphor describes a modern age in which the volume of information is increased as the quality of information decreases, resulting in an inability to discern valuable information from the deluge of nonsense.

This resonated powerfully with me when I first read the novel in 2002. Incidentally and unfortunately, this phenomenon has only grown more extreme. As I grew up and gained more experience, I kept returning to the image that Bradbury evoked– a man on a subway car, reading the Bible, trying desperately to absorb the information and value that he knows is within. But his mind has been trained to let it through.

Bradbury left us with many prescient warnings, but perhaps none so acute as this critique of his, and our own, time. Like grains of sand, each byte or letter of information flows through us, but it is up to us to train ourselves to filter that information through the sieve of our minds, and make sure we are holding on to the most vital pieces and altering our worldview as a result.

The work on this site is many things. Foremost, for now, it is a showcase of my personal work, at times silly or seemingly unrelated to the high-minded ideals I’ve laid out. It is also a collection of commercial work that I believe deserves a second look. And finally, if we are lucky, it will be a platform for others to add their voices to mine, stone mixing with sand to form something that will not wash away with every virtual wave.

If you wish to collaborate or reach out for any reason, feel free to send an email to me at or find me on social media @tigrenus.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy.